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Born to Play & Eat

The story of SydPlayEat begins with my food-obsessed family in Chicago. My family owned a baking supply company, so food was always a topic of conversation. We loved cooking meals together, and also ate out at restaurants, from the comfort of classic burger joints to the creative dishes at white tablecloth restaurants. I was obsessed with food of all kinds, collecting restaurant business cards all across the city.


On a Mission

In 2019, my dad was hospitalized with pancreatic cancer and I noticed every hospital meal seemed more like junk food that was likely hurting his health, not helping. This realization truly opened my eyes to the profound impact our dietary choices have on our well-being.

I then started my mission: to combine gourmet ingredients with clean eating so that people can effortlessly elevate everyday meals, guilt-free. While earning my nutrition degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I was also experimenting in the kitchen to create my signature truffle sauces (SydSauce) and truffle seasoning salts (SydSalt). SydPlayEat was born.


Play Before You Eat

I encourage you to have fun with SydSauce and SydSalt and "play" before you "eat" so you elevate your everyday meals from breakfast to dinner, and snacking in between. Playing with your food isn't just for kids — it's about having fun while cooking or eating, whether spicing up your leftovers or elevating morning eggs to Michelin star levels. It's about embracing gourmet ingredients and making informed, healthy choices without sacrificing flavor.

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