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As a native Chicagoan growing up in the 90’s, Sydney was obsessed with packaged foods, soda, candy, and the fear that a bag of chips would only be half full when opened. Her family was in the baking industry and her home always had the most delicious snacks on the block, from cookies to cake to muffins and more. She did not know how harmful and unhealthy her favorite snacks really were.

When Sydney's father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019, she realized the hospital food was not aiding, but hurting his recovery, filled with sugars, inflammatory oils, and unrecognizable ingredients. She decided then to dedicate her life to nutrition to help people lead healthier lives through food.


Before SYDPLAYEAT, Sydney worked in the restaurant industry for Lettuce Entertain You, then earned her nutrition degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrion (IIN), and joined the board of Common Threads. She is passionate about impact that food has on our health, where many adults and children have grown accustomed to the ease of packaged foods instead of whole foods.

Eating is a joyous occasion we look forward to, which starts when children learn to play with their food in high chairs and continues into adulthood when we cook meals at home or if we’re lucky enough to have the unique experience of eating a Michelin Star meal. Our eyes light up as our tastebuds explode with excitement as we discover new flavors we did not know existed. When we play with our food, we are reminded of these moments of discovery, which can lead to making conscious decisions about what we choose to eat.

*Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes

Our Mission

At SYDPLAYEAT, we believe that when people focus not just on the ingredients, but the quality of each ingredient, healthy food choices can be easy, exciting, and delicious.

Our mission is to make “play before you eat” a mealtime ritual by giving access to gourmet and clean ingredients so that people feel empowered to make eating fun, healthy, and full of flavor.

Play Before You Eat

Condiments are a way to play with food, allowing us to experiment with different flavor combinations that lead to the joy of discovery. The ingredients we use to play are essential, looking for those made in nature instead of in a lab with names we can’t pronounce or recognize. By playing with our food, we open the doors to becoming the artist of our meals: The plate is our canvas and the ingredients are our medium, leading to crafted bites that are delicious, good for you, and fun.

As a self-declared Condiment Queen, Sydney could not find condiments with exciting flavors or recognizable ingredients, so she decided to create her own. Sydney spent weeks testing and sourcing different combinations of ingredients to arrive at SYDSAUCE and SYDSALT: Black truffle hot sauces and seasoning salts that can make you feel like a gourmet chef when eating a box of macaroni.

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