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For a limited time, SYDSALT BLOSSOM is available to brighten your warm-weather dishes. Chive blossoms are edible flowers that grow at the top of chives every Spring and late Summer and have an onion-garlic flavor along with eye-catching purple color. SYDSALT BLOSSOM includes lemon peel for a citrus flavor, red pepper flakes for a hint of heat, and a bit of black truffle to balance it out with umami. Sea salt flakes add a crunch and sparkle to make your meals picture-worthy. Get your SYDSALT BLOSSOM while supplies last.

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Why We Made It

SYDSALT BLOSSOM is inspired by our honeymoon at a fancy restaurant in France. The waiter picked it from their garden only a few minutes before serving and we were amazed by its striking purple color and strong onion-garlic flavor. When we arrived home, we immediate planted chives our balcony so we could be reminded of this unique experience when these blossoms bloom each spring.

For a limited time, we're sharing our love for these unique and edible spring flowers to brighten up meals everywhere.

Sprinkle SYDSALT BLOSSOM on edamame for a light and healthy snack, use as a salt rim for your margarita or sprinkle it on top of a cheese board for a pop of color.

What It's Good On

We recommend playing with SYDSALT BLOSSOM on all your savory bites, but here are some fan favorites to get you started:


Avocado Toast







Steak, Chicken & Fish

Cheese Board

Margarita Salt Rim


Chive Blossoms

Blooming each spring and late summer, these edible flowers have an onion-garlic flavor and pop of color to meals.

Sea Salt Flakes

These flakes keep its natural form that look like crystal snowflakes that add crunch all year long.

Lemon Peel

Made from the outer lemon peel, this dried zest adds a tart, puckery citrus tang to savory bites.

Black Truffle

Known as one of the most expensive and rarest foods, people (including us) drool over truffles for it's intense umami flavor.

Red Pepper Flakes

Did you know red peppers can treat digestive problems, infections and arthritis? Yup, now you know.


Not only do chives bring a pop of color to a dish, it brings the flavor and aroma of mellow onion and garlic to each bite.

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