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SydSalt Blanc - White Truffle Salt

SydSalt Blanc is the ultimate white truffle seasoning salt that elevates every dish to drool worthy. With its rare, hand-selected Italian white truffles, our unique blend promises a luxurious umami flavor, truly separating itself from other seasonings.

Whether you're dazzling friends and family, setting the stage for a memorable date night, or breathing new life into everyday leftovers, this luxurious seasoning has you covered.

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White Truffle Pasta SydSalt Blanc White Truffle Seasoning Salt

Recipe: White Truffle Pasta

White truffles call for simple recipes to highlight the rich umami flavor. A sprinkle of SydSalt Blanc in this white truffle pasta will make you feel like you're dining at a Michelin Star restaurant in the comfort of your home.

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White Truffles

The Difference Between White & Black Truffles

White truffles are rarer, more fragrant, and more flavorful than black truffles. They take 6-8 years to grow naturally in only a few regions worldwide, making them a luxurious and exclusive ingredient in the culinary world. With SydSalt Blanc, you can indulge in the rich, umami taste of white truffles, elevating your dishes to new levels!

SydSalt Blanc White Truffle Seasoning Salt Ingredients

Gourmet Ingredients. Luxurious Flavor.

We obsess over each ingredient we put into each of our products. SydSalt Blanc has the richest umami flavor from the white truffles, balanced with a light heat from red pepper flakes and layers of complexity from chives and Aleppo pepper.

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